Proscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP Modem

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    Integrated vDSL Modem for  your pfSense!

    KNOWN ISSUE - Device not present on Netgate 2100 after reboot. Please Contact Us if you would like to be updated on this bug.

    The Proscend 180-T is a vDSL modem masquerading as an SFP Module.

    We have tested this module against NBN FTTN connections successfully, and are a great integrated solution for your sites.

    All devices sold are compatible with the NBN upgrades completed last year for the ROS and SOS profiles.

    A few things to bear in mind:

    • There is no management interface for the modem

    • The modem is in bridging mode - just plug and play

    • Power is drawn from the SFP port

    • Harsh or Industrial environments may not be suitable

    • Device does get hot - this is normal

    To configure the Modem, ensure the device is properly seated in the SPF slot.  The module will instantly power up, and begin attempting line sync.

    The Green LED shows the modem line sync status:

    • One flash cycle per second - no line sync

    • Rapid & steady flashing - training

    • Solid - connected

    Our testing has yielded excellent results with stability and speed.

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